American Aerolight Eagle

Designed by Larry Newman of American Aeorlights, Inc. in 1980, the Eagle is an ultralight by current Federal Regulation classification even thought it was introduced prior to this type being regulated. The intention was that these, and other similar ultralight aircraft could be assembled from kits by an amateur. The Eagle took approximately 75 hours to assemble. Construction was primarily of tubular aluminum stainless steel cables, and Dacron fabric wing covering. American Aerolights produced several variants including the eagle XL and the Double Eagle.


This American Aerolights Eagle ultralight was owned by Arthur M. and Harold B. Simpson of Hoopeston, Il. and hangered at Crow airport near Milford, Il.


Crew 1
Wingspan: 36 ft.
Length: 14 ft.
Weight: 154 lb
Wing Area 170 sq. ft.
Weight Empty - 154 lb.
Speed Cruise - 32 mph; Max. 47 mph
Service Ceiling 10, 000 ft.
Range: 56 mi.
Engines: 2 Talon reciprocating (9hp each)
Fuel: 2.7 gal.