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“The First Commercial Helicopter
The 1946 Bell 47B"
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Editors Note: It is interesting that Bell Aircraft Corp was the first in the U.S.A. to commercialize the helicopter. Throughout many industries, there is a big difference between inventing, developing, and commercializing.

The Helicopter is Ready

Helicopters are in production! They are moving along the assembly lines at Bell Aircraft now. Naturally you want to be fully informed about this important development in aviation. Here are the facts:

Q. What type of helicopter is being produced?
A. The first Bell helicopter to go into production is the two-place Model 47. Nearly 500 will be completed this year. Larger models are on the way.

Q. Who will get helicopters first?
A. Model 47 helicopters meet requirements of government agencies, disaster relief, commerce, business and industry. Organizations of this type will receive first priority.

Q. When will the first helicopters be available?
A. Deliveries will start in mid-summer and continue to increase steadily.
Soon you’ll see Model 47 helicopters fulfilling the vast number of services at which they excel. For helicopters perform hundreds of practical, everyday jobs no other form of transportation can touch. They accomplish these tasks swiftly . . . flying from any point to any destination, instead of from airport to airport. For further information about Bell helicopters, write the Helicopter Division of Bell Aircraft Corporation.

The Bell Model 47B helicopter - powered by a six cylinder Franklin air-cooled engine of 175 H.P. -- has a gross weight of 2100 pounds, including a useful load of 607 pounds. It utilizes a patented two-bladed rotor and gyroscopic stabilizer, The Model 47 is noted for smoothness of flight and ease of control.
On March 8, 1946, Bell Aircraft received a CAA Airworthiness Certificate on its Model 47 helicopter, and CAA license number NC 1H, the first helicopter “NC” license ever issued. These certificates were issued after exhaustive flight tests in which the Model 47 met every airworthiness requirement of the CAA.
The new helicopter school at Bell Aircraft offers six-week courses in helicopter theory and fundamentals, and in piloting and servicing to pilots and mechanics with previous aviation experience. For complete school information, write to the Helicopter Division of Bell Aircraft Corporation.

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